Welcome to our new Classics Outreach blog! Linked with our shiny new @ClassicsNCL Instagram account, we will be sharing a range of posts on the ancient world: on studying in Newcastle, the Roman presence in the North East, ancient literature, languages, mythology, art, archaeology and so on! 🏺

These entries will be posted by our Classics Outreach team of students, so here’s some facts so you can get to know us a little bit better.

4/6 of the team!

Chloe Roberts

Hi guys! I’ll be running lead on most of these posts. I’m a third year Ancient History (V110) undergraduate student and I love learning about sexuality and gender in Ancient Greece (resident Sappho nerd over here)

Elise Ridings

Hi I’m Elise and I’m a second year Classical Studies (Q810) student. I’m interested in the modern reception of Homeric epic, and I love retellings like Circe. I’m excited to help make Classics more accessible.

Jemimah Allen

Hi I’m in first year studying Classical Studies and English (QQ83)! I’m interested in Classical Art and Architecture, and feminist adaptations and translations of classical texts.

Lauren Stokes

Hi I’m a third year Classics (Q800) student and I love studying the Ancient Greek language and mythology.

Caitlyn Ward

Hey! I’m a second year Classics (Q800) student and I’m interested in ancient languages and comparative historical linguistics.

Elizabeth Cattermole

Hi, I’m a third year Classics (Q800) student!

Leading our team is Dr Stephanie Holton who runs lots of Classics outreach projects and teaches fab modules on Dreams in the Ancient World, Ancient Philosophy, and Ancient Greek (to name a few!)

We’re excited to begin posting all things ancient for you guys! If there’s anything you particularly want us to discuss/post then please feel free to leave us a comment below! 🏺🌿🏛

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