Getting Started with Classics 🏺✨

When you first start studying classics or wanting to learn about ancient history, it can feel pretty overwhelming and difficult! (don’t worry – we’ve all been there! ❤️)

So here are some tips to help you start studying classics in an easier way which isn’t super overwhelming and intimidating 📚

Sometimes rather than going straight for the primary sources, it’s really helpful to read some non-academic books to give you a fun and interesting overview – this will then give you the confidence to explore the literature!

Stephen Fry’s Mythos

1) Start with Greek mythology!
There are sooo many Greek mythology retellings that have come out in recent years. Reading about mythology is a really fun, interesting and easy way to learn about ancient culture, history and society. The one we’ve chosen is Mythos by Stephen Fry: it’s accessible and perfect if you’re a beginner to mythology too!

2) Start with a period/culture you’re interested in learning more about!
A History of Ancient Greece in 50 Lives and Eureka were perfect for me, as someone who prefers Greek history, to get an overview of all the significant figures and events in Ancient Greece! If you’re more interested in Ancient Rome, I would recommend SPQR by Mary Beard. Follow your interests and passions!

These are all books that helped me (Chloe) get to grips with undergraduate study of ancient history as someone who had never studied classics before. Our inbox is always open if you have any questions or want any more recommendations! 💘

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