Five Questions with… Dr Holton

Classics Marketing Intern Chloe has been finding out more about our academic staff! Next up on the interview list is Dr Stephanie Holton, Senior Lecturer in Classics Who is your favourite ancient writer and why?  It’s so hard to choose! I’d probably actually say Aeschylus – I love the Oresteia, his Clytemnestra is phenomenal! It’sContinue reading “Five Questions with… Dr Holton”

Five Questions with… Dr Phillippo

Classics Marketing Intern Chloe has been finding out more about our academic staff! Her first interviewee is Dr Phillippo, Senior Lecturer in Classics.. Hello Dr Phillippo! The first question is hopefully an easy one: who is your favourite ancient writer and why? Homer, because of the Iliad: I love how it’s so even-handed in itsContinue reading “Five Questions with… Dr Phillippo”

Finding out about: Ancient Women

Interested in learning more about women in the ancient world? Chloe (Stage 3 Ancient History) gives some advice on where to start! When first learning about ancient Greece and Rome, what becomes immediately and increasingly visible is the absence and silence of women within the pages of Greco-Roman history. The overwhelming majority of our literaryContinue reading “Finding out about: Ancient Women”

Classics Book Club: Silence of the Girls

Ancient History student – and resident book expert – William Rigby talks us through Pat Barker’s phenomenal 2018 retelling of the Trojan War. You can follow his reading adventures over on Instagram at @rigby_reads! The Silence of the Girls, written by Pat Barker in 2018, is set in the mythological world of Homer’s Iliad. Homer’sContinue reading “Classics Book Club: Silence of the Girls”

Getting Started with Classics 🏺✨

When you first start studying classics or wanting to learn about ancient history, it can feel pretty overwhelming and difficult! (don’t worry – we’ve all been there! ❤️) So here are some tips to help you start studying classics in an easier way which isn’t super overwhelming and intimidating 📚 Sometimes rather than going straightContinue reading “Getting Started with Classics 🏺✨”


Welcome to our new Classics Outreach blog! Linked with our shiny new @ClassicsNCL Instagram account, we will be sharing a range of posts on the ancient world: on studying in Newcastle, the Roman presence in the North East, ancient literature, languages, mythology, art, archaeology and so on! 🏺 These entries will be posted by ourContinue reading “Hello!”